We all know them:

The 3-step plan to lose weight

 7 critical success factors

12 days to owning your own business

And so forth and so forth.

Because everyone loves a secret.

Especially a SECRET to SUCCESS.

And we would love to share with you our secret, because we believe in empowering people.

We could tell you it is hard work. Because you cannot deny it is true.

We could tell you it is in the strategic plan. Because it does help.

We could also tell you it is the luck of the draw. Because yes sometimes, it is.

But one more thing is needed, apart from Grace.



A network.

A support structure.

But for us it all boils down to POSITIVE PEOPLE.

There are the suppliers, who are crucial in our success. Timing of deliveries, back-up service for their products, pricing structures for bulk purchases etc. Without a strong supplier – network we would not be able to deliver to you a quality product at the best possible price.

Then we have are our staff,inside the office, outside on the road as well as on the showroom floor. The saying goes that people will always deliver more when they are appreciated. We cannot say thank you enough to our other family, the people who spend their daylight hours with us.

And most importantly our customers, the reason we exist, the reason we keep on doing what we do. Our customers have a need and our sole purpose is to address the need to very best of our ability. Delivering a product that will enable you to get back on the road, stay on the road and get there on time. Through individual and agent sales.

And we have a community to back it all up. A Chamber of Commerce, Insurance brokers, Legal advisors, family and friends, and many more who assist us with anything and everything. Whether we brainstorm a new design, a new project, discuss legal matters, new legislation, or IT innovation, without people who care, no business can be successful in delivering a top product and service.

So to thank you all, we will be including a few blogs through the year on these valuable people. You will definitely learn a thing or 2 about us and our company and our philosophy.

Because W Clement Stone said:

There is little difference in people,

But that little difference makes a big difference

The little difference is attitude,

The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.

And we love to surround the business with Positive People. Watch this space for some overflowing inspiration coming your way.

(And check your inbox, you might be on our list of favourite positive people to be featured here   )