•   If you have just purchased a glittering new Christmas tree from a local retailer in a box with a set of instructions, you will most probably have spare parts.
  •   If you put up a Christmas tree for the 2nd, 3rd or maybe 24th time, you will need spare parts.
  •   If you have a toddler with over ambitious grandparents dropping of a present the size of a small working station with the words DIY stamped all over it, you will need AND have spare parts.

Whatever you do, don’t leave on holiday without spare parts for your trailer! See our recommendation here Die vakansie begin wanner die wiele rol…

And if you are doing the garden route going round the DSTV channels this year, use this time to service your trailer.

Be on the lookout for loose parts,

Areas of rust

Steel cracks

Water leaks

Perished tyres or low tyre tread

Loose or broken cables

Check the lights and if they are in working order

And anything else that might be of concern.

You never know, you might get that call from your brother, sister or long lost friend who cannot use their time share in Umhlanga.. .You don’t want to be the one to say aah thanx man, but my trailer needs a bit of work before I can GO ON A FREE HOLIDAY….


Do that check.

Call us for spare parts.

We wish you a Blessed Christmas and the only the best for 2017.

Expect the best. Plan for the worst. Prepare to be surprised.